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 The ‘Pablo Picasso’ of the Primary Wing, Raamaansh Gupta of Class V Mediterranean, was interviewed on a talk show ‘SALAAM TALENT’ at FM 90.4 station ‘SALAAM NAMASTEY’ at Noida on 23rdJuly2016. He was interviewed by RJ BarshaChhabhra. Raamaansh was accompanied by Ms. AnushreeDatta (his first class teacher and presently the In charge of the Pre-Primary Wing), Ms. Tarana Chandra (his present class teacher) and his parents. Raamaansh got this golden opportunity to be interviewed due to his International and National achievements in the field of art.

At the tender age of 10 years, he has participated in more than 200 painting competitions bringing accolades to himself and the school.
During the talk show which lasted for two hours, different facets of Raamaansh’s achievements were discussed, during which his parents highlighted of the immense support that the school has always been by providing to all its students in various fields.