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Language Week-Class I

‘Language is the key...it shapes the way we think and determines what we can think about.’

Lotus Valley International School hosted the ‘Language Fest’ from 11th July, 2016 to 15th July, 2016. This extravaganza was organized with the aim to kindle creativity and instil a love for the two languages. A multitude of activities and competitions were conducted to hone the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of our young learners. The five day rhapsody was a foray into the world of fantasy and adventure, to explore the various nuances of each language, to give expression to thoughts and wings to dreams. 
Day 1 began on a note of excitement with the ‘Listen and Draw’ activity. There was pin drop silence as the children listened to the story narrated by the teacher and drew a picture based on the story. What better way to enhance concentration and fine tune their listening abilities. The ‘Shabd Jaal Bune’ competition organized on Day 2 had the children don their thinking caps and showcase their observational and lexical skills. It was heartening to see them work with such focus and intent, each trying to make more words than the other. On Day 3, the children’s excitement was palpable as they waited in anticipation for the story narration activity- ‘Once Upon A Time, Hey It’s Story Time’ to begin. An extremely gifted story teller and one of our very dear parents, Mrs. Sujata Malhotra took the children to the land of magic and adventure. The ‘Tongue Twisters’ had the children almost jumping out of their seats in excitement and their happy laughter made the day. Children with their innocent minds and crystal clear hearts, have an unbridled imagination. To fire this innate creativity, build up logical thinking and foster team spirit, the ‘Kahaani Nirmaan’ activity was conducted on Day 4. The children were divided into groups and provided with clue words to build up a story. The stories presented by them were simply mind boggling and bore testimony to their unique thought process and sensibilities.
As it is rightly said, ‘Language is the mirror to the soul.’ it was a fun filled learning experience. Day 5 was packed with energy and enthusiasm as our young learners geared up for the ‘Show and Tell’ competition. The competition was an endeavour to showcase the speaking prowess of our young orators and to boost their confidence. Resplendent with their props, it was a treat to see the children perform with such zeal and aplomb. We are proud of our young Lotusians for their committed and enthusiastic participation and grateful to our dear parents for their support and cooperation, in making the ‘Language Fest’ a grand success.