MYSELF- The concept of ‘Myself’ was introduced through talks and discussions. Through mirror activity the topic was made clear. Children were encouraged to look at their own image in the mirror and say few lines about themselves. An activity was conducted where girls made stick puppet of girl and boys made stick puppet of a boy.
MY BODY PARTS AND SENSE ORGANS: - Interactive discussion on ‘My Body Parts’ was held where kids were made aware of various body parts and their functions.
A sense is the ‘Physiological Capacity’ that allows all living organisms to perceive what is around them. The 5 human senses are sight, hear, touch, smell and taste and 5 sense organs are eyes, ears, hand, nose and tongue.
Sense organs play a very important role in our lives. A talk was held to familiarize the children with 5 sense organs and their uses. Hands on experiments were conducted for the practical understanding of the concept.
SENSE OF TONGUE: - children were given lemon, sugar, salt, coffee powder and spices to taste and differentiate sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy taste.
SENSE OF SMELL: - Kids were made to smell perfume, talcum powder, onion pieces and were asked to differentiate between good and bad smell.
SENSE OF SOUND: - Three boxes full of salt, small pulses and rajma were given to the kids and they were asked to shake the boxes and differentiate soft and loud sound.
SENSE OF TOUCH: - Children learnt about touch sensation through cotton balls, silk cloth, scotch brite scrub pad and towel to differentiate soft, smooth and rough touch.
SENSE OF SIGHT: - Children were made to see through transparent, translucent and opaque objects. Sense organ booklet was made by the kids to reinforce the concept.
Pre math concepts always attract the kids. These concepts were explained with the help of flash cards and hands on experiment. 
Big and Small:-Concept explained in story form. 
Hot and Cold – Kids felt the sensation of hot by touching a cup of coffee and hot water and cold by touching ice and cold water.
Hard and Soft: - Kids touched a piece of rock, Shoe sole, cotton balls and their cheeks.
Kids enjoyed doing colouring activities related to these concepts.
KEEPING HEALTHY AND FOOD: - Importance of personal hygiene and how to maintain good health was discussed. How healthy food helps us to become fit and junk food makes us lethargic and unhealthy was discussed.
Children did finger printing on picture of pineapple and coloured the leaves of pineapple.Another fun activity was done where kids made a Tiffin box with paper folding method; they drew pictures of nutritious food and pasted it inside the Tiffin box.
LITTLE CHEFS-Kids Cooking Studio – Cooking with children can provide many beneficial experiences. We can cover a range of learning and development areas like mathematics, language and physical skills by planning regular cooking activities with them. In order to enhance these skills, a fireless cooking activity was organised in which delicious fruit cream was prepared with Amul cream, chopped fruits and powdered sugar and relished by all.
COMMUNITY SERVICE: - Since heat is taking a toll on one and all. Keeping this in mind kids were asked to get Glucon D / Tang / Rasna from home for their needy friends. This activity aimed at inculcating a feeling of responsibility towards society, sharing and tolerance.
EARTH DAY: - Earth day celebrated on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. To make the kids aware of the importance of keeping earth healthy, clean, pollution free some talks and activities were organized. Kids were told about the importance of water, plants, energy and were encouraged to save and conserve them. They did colouring on outline of earth with blue and green colours, made an earth day badge and wore it.