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                                   Earth Day Celebrations-Class II

The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.
 Earth Week was celebrated with great vigour and fervour by the students from 18th to 22nd April, 2016. A four-day bonanza of fun-filled activities where each event was guaranteed to enrich the minds of our youngsters to adore our planet Earth. The students were introduced to the concept of Earth Day and reasons for celebration. The students pondered over and discussed how we can contribute to save our Mother Earth. Children recited a poem which was a solemn reminder of the ways we can save our Earth and the contributions we can make by using the 3R’s -reduce, reuse and recycle in our everyday life to keep our planet clean.
 Children were shown a video on how they can work dedicatedly to make a difference to our Earth. The story illustrated the negative consequences of habitat destruction prompted by industrialization. Kids loved the bittersweet end, as it got the message across and developed in them a want to care and preserve nature. 
They were also given  green badges on 22nd April 2016 to support ‘Green Earth’ so as to develop in them the feeling of “It’s our Earth; It’s our responsibility to keep it clean”. 
Bringing Earth Day into the classroom allowed students to explore and raise their awareness of environmental issues .Our Earth Week celebration strived to set right the wrongdoings of mankind and combat the various problems that nature has already begun to be affected by.