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 Earth Day Celebration at Lotus Valley International School, Noida

On the occasion on earth day, Lotus Valley International School, Noida organised a plethora of events to create awareness amongst the students to think differently and to act effectively upon the various environmental issues that the world faces today.
The senior students commemorated the day by making green badges  which were to be worn by each student. These badges signified the school’s commitment of being an eco friendly school and motivated students to go green.
A poster making event was also held, wherein students participated enthusiastically. The posters were beautifully designed with flowery writings and catchy slogans. The jury was enthralled by the entries that were submitted!
An awareness campaign was organised in accordance with the poster making event. The environment enthusiasts shared their views on the topic- “The Future of Energy and how the youth can contribute to the future of energy”. This event was a great enrichment programme for the students and they learned that initiating simple steps in their daily lives can help save energy to a great extent. They coined interesting phrases such as ‘Dream Green’ and ‘Solutions to Pollutions’ to drive home the agenda of saving Planet Earth.
The Principal and Vice Principal actively monitored all the events that were being organised and motivated the students to work in unison and to think of innovative ways that can bring a radical change to the earth we all reside in.