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04 MARCH 2016

And… Then I realized, Adventures are the Best Way to Learn……

Lotus Valley International School, Noida, organized an adventure trip for the students of Classes 3 and 5 to ‘Delhi Eco Village and Adventure  at Alipur on 4th March, 2016. 

The intent of the trip was to make students identify their inner strength while taking on the tough challenges in the camp , exploring  nature’s beauty and acclimatizing  themselves with it, shedding all their inhibitions, mixed up well in the group and enjoying to the fullest. The weather was perfect. Students exclaimed with enthusiasm as they saw the pristine beauty of the place. Once at camp, the joy of the little daredevils knew no bounds. They indulged themselves in a number of adventurous activities which included Burma Bridge, Rope Ladder Climbing, Tyre Net, Zorbing roller, Zip line, Trampoline, Running Bungee etc. There were numerous village activities too which included Potter’s wheel, Camel Cart Ride, Tractor ride, Rural Kitchen, Charkha etc. They even tapped their feet to the melodious tunes of the DJ. Sumptuous food that was served helped the kids maintain their energy levels and take up the challenges with full vigour.

It appeared as if the participants, felt liberated by the awesome experience. The trip proved very fruitful as it developed a sense of belongingness and awareness resulting in bringing the kids closer to mother nature.