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Day and Date: Monday, February 22, 2016

Venue: J M International School, Dwarka, New Delhi

Time: 9:00 am to 2:30 pm

Resource Person: Mr. J.P Goel

Sponsored By: True Friends Publications 

Attended by: Ms. Kavita Mallick (PGT Economics)

An informative seminar on 'Economics' was organized at J M International School, Dwarka on Feb 22, 2016, in association with True Friends Publications. Renowned educationist Mr. J.P. Goel , Associate Professor, HOD Economics, Hindu (Post Graduate) College, Sonepat was the guest speaker. Faculty members of many reputed institutions from Delhi / NCR participated in the seminar with great enthusiasm. Mr Goel discussed many critical and argumentative topics of microeconomics and macroeconomics like Consumer’s Equilibrium, Production Function, National Income, Theory of Income and Employment, Banking and Government Budget. Besides that, recent changes in CBSE syllabus, pattern of examination and classroom problems were also addressed. He also shared invaluable information about the wide scope of economics and how it helps individuals and businesses to make informed decisions in different fields, including finance, governance, law, administration and foreign relations. It was an enriching and empowering experience for the teachers and will surely help in understanding the role of Economics in shaping the thought process and understanding of the students.