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Kindergarten monthly activities for the month of February 2016

The topic of transport was introduced with the help of flash cards and real objects and they made these drawings of different means of transport in the big red art file.

Fast/Slow, Pentagon shape: Pre Math concept always attract the children. They are fascinated by them. Pentagon shape and fast/slow were explained in a story form and through pictures. To reinforce this concept an activity was done in the art file.

Hindi word puzzle: The learners are now through with the vyanjans. They are able to read and write two letter words. To reinforce and to revise the same,they were made to play a game in the form of a puzzle. They were asked to make two letter words from the jumbled vyanjans and colour them. Children did the activity with excitment and thus helped them learn in a fun way. 

Octopus: The learners did the octopus activity with the recycled cups. They first painted the cups, used the wiggly eyes and attached the legs. They enjoyed this activity. 

Aeroplane: Aeroplanes are the fastest means of transport. Children made aeroplanes out of coloured paper and drew windows and door on it. This helped them to know more about the air transport, They took them as momento.

Community Service: Children were asked to get toothpaste from home for their needy friends. This activity aimed at inculcating a feelinf of responsibility towards society, sharing and tolerance.

Little Chefs (No fire cooking): Food preparation fosters creativity in children. It is a good way to develop interests for food preparation among kids that will eventually grow their interest in eating healthy food. The Little chefs made pasta from: boiled pasta,corn,pomegranate and mayonnaise. They also wore the chef's cap while preparing it. They had fun and enjoyed this activity. 

Hot air balloon: Children made hot air balloon from recycled cups. They did cotton dabbing on it which enhanced their creative side and their curiosity to know more about the air transport. They later took it home as a momento.