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 1. Community Helpers :-

The children were familiarized with Community Helpers who    help us in our daily lives like Postman, Doctor, and Plumber etc. A talk was also held to discuss the respective uniforms, tools and services of various community helpers. To further enhance the knowledge a ‘role play’ activity was organized for which the children dressed as different helpers and introduced themselves.  They also did a sponge dabbing activity and made beautiful ‘chef caps’ which they happily took home.  The value of ‘Respect for all Helpers’ was inculcated by making them aware that all jobs are important and worthy of respect.

2. Grandparent’s Day :-

Grandparents play an integral role in children’s lives. To show their gratitude and love, the nursery children participated in a song and dance program. Games were also organized for the Grandparents in which they participated happily and enthusiastically. The children made wonderful souvenirs and presented it to their grandparents to acknowledge their invaluable contribution. 

3. Clay Modeling Competition :-

Children love playing and making different objects with clay. This also helps them to develop their fine motor skills and creativity. Keeping this objective in mind, a ‘Clay Modeling Competition’ was organized for the children. They made different kinds of fruits and vegetables with clay and exhibited their talent with innovation and enthusiasm. 

4. Community Service :-

To inculcate the habit of sharing and a sense of empathy, a Community Service program was held in which the children generously donated toiletry items like soaps, toothbrushes and combs etc, for the less privileged section of the society. 

5. Fireless Cooking :- 

Cooking with children can provide many beneficial experiences. We can cover a range of learning and development areas like mathematics, language and physical skills by planning regular cooking activities with them. In order to enhance these skills, a fireless cooking activity was organized in which delicious cheese sandwiches were prepared and relished by the children.