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Trip to the Science Museum

Lifelong learning begins at a young age and museums are a great place to spark an interest of our young scientists in science. Therefore, a field trip to the National Science Museum, Pragati Maidan was organized on 12th February, 2016 for the students of Class II. 

The children’s excitement was palpable as they boarded the buses with broad smiles and faces glowing in anticipation. Happy chatter filled the buses as they enjoyed the bus ride with their friends. 

The students were transported to the amazing world of science. There were sections that varied from the miracle of human life to the dinosaur age to the early man, fun science including puzzles, mirror tricks, mazes to inventions and discoveries and the stages of development in communication and transport. It just served as a package of complete delight and treat for the quest for knowledge and information. 

Truly a memorable experience, the children were thrilled and are already looking forward to their next excursion.