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Trip To The Rail Museum

“It is better to see something than to hear about it a thousand times’’. 

Keeping this thought in mind, students of class I were taken on an educational trip to the National Rail Museum on the 12th of February, 2016.

The children’s excitement was palpable as they boarded the buses with broad smiles and faces glowing in anticipation. Happy chatter filled the buses as they enjoyed the bus ride with their friends. The children were delighted to see a big engine located at the entry gate. They were amazed to see the carefully preserved engines and coaches from the various phases of its evolution. They could not contain their excitement as they boarded the toy train. These young passengers clapped and cheered as they passed through the tunnels.

After the joy ride, they explored the museum that has working models of various types of trains and focuses on the rail heritage of India. Children sat together and shared their lunch with friends. Later on, all of them played along with their teachers.

The journey back to school was eventful as children discussed their experience with their teachers and friends. It was indeed an intriguing and informative experience for our little lotusians.