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DAY AND DATE:  Monday, 11 Jan. 2016


The English Workshop conducted by Mrs. Shobha Lidder on 11th January 2016 was an exciting and enriching experience. Mrs. Lidder commenced the workshop with a brief three-minute breathing exercise, which was expected to help the attendees stay focused. At the outset, Mrs. Lidder asked the attendees to behave like students and urged them to put down notepads and pens so that there was no distraction or scope of missing out on information. The topics of the day were “How to make Grammar lessons interesting” and “Common Grammatical errors”. With ‘Prepositions’ as the topic, Mrs. Lidder demonstrated how the part of speech can be taught visually by involving students of the class to represent the different positions ‘behind’, ‘beside’ etc. She also used a teddy bear and a bucket to explain the positions ‘in’ and ‘on’.  

In the next phase, Mrs. Lidder divided the class into groups of 10 and gave each group a worksheet with erroneous sentences. The error in each sentence needed to be identified and rectified within a stipulated time. Each group got the chance to answer a certain number of sentences and disagreements were discussed. 

The workshop ended with a Group Story Writing competition where the teacher-students were randomly put into groups of 10. Within ten minutes a story needed to be conceptualised, scripted and illustrated on the theme ‘Holi’ In the end, each group had to present their story in front of the other groups. The activity created a wonderful synergy among the members in a group and built a competitive spirit among groups while trying to showcase their best.

Mrs. Lidder shared some best practises for controlling a dynamic class – each time someone gave a correct answer, everyone had to applaud. Besides creating a positive atmosphere and boosting the confidence level of the participants, she shared that applause sends signals to the brain and thus ensures each person is alert and focused.