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Class I: The Fascinating World of Science

The teachers of class I of Lotus Valley International School organized an activity, ‘My Class, My Laboratory’ on 10th February, 2016, as a part of the E.V.S Week. Children are blessed with an inborn curiosity and an innate sense of wonder. The teachers conducted a variety of scientific experiments to awaken the spirit of discovery amongst our budding scientists. The aim of this activity was to provide a stepping stone for the young learners to question and explore, to substantiate and correlate theory with real life experiences.

The response of the children was more than enthusiastic. Brimming with energy and the zest to learn, they held their breath as the ‘magic of science’ unfurled. The experiments demonstrating evaporation, rocket (balloon) launch, solubility and insolubility, floating and sinking in water, volcanic eruption, air pressure, and the necessity of oxygen for fire left the children awe-struck and fascinated. It was heartening to see their enthusiastic and insightful responses when the science behind the experiments was explained to them. The activity was certainly successful in facilitating an out of the box approach to learning and to take learning beyond the textbook.