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Workshop on Education in Canada

Date : 28th January, 2016

Time : 9:00 to 11:30 am
Resource Person : Ms. Vandana Mahajan, Ms.Jannet
Target Audience : Students of classes- IX-X and their Parents 
A very enriching and informative workshop was organized at the premises of Lotus Valley School by the resource person, Ms.Vandana Mahajan the Founder & Director of Futuresabroad. The basic premise of this session was to orient the students of classes IX and X towards pursuing higher education in Canada. He also told the students about the right time for taking the IELTS/TOEFL exam. He shared the technicalities of preparing for the same. The information about scholarships at various Universities, the procedure for writing LOR, essays and developing their profiles was shared with the students. The speaker motivated the students to think on the lines of applying abroad from grade 8th and 9th onwards. Since profile building takes time, students were motivated to do some voluntary work in grades 9th and 10th. Also they were encouraged to take up summer internship programs in the foreign Universities to get a first hand glimpse of the University. The speaker shared about the summer internship program that is offered at the University of Toronto, the average cost of which was around INR 200,000. Through this program the students would get a clear idea about the University and its dynamics in totality. The session was followed through by a huge round of questions both by students and parents.