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The event was held on January 28,2016 at the National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan. The event was witnessed by two teachers and 20 students (class VIII) from our school.

The event comprised of the following main segments:
1. Presentation given by NASA Engineer Heather Paul.
Ms. Paul shared her experiences with the children. 
It was an inspirational and mind expanding experience for participants that ignited passion and
the potential of career opportunities in the Science and engineering.
2. Science show and interactive presentation given by Sam Gibbs.
Mr.Gibbs , a Marine engineer and Science educator provided a light hearted and thrilling insight into some of the fundamentals of Physics and the Sciences. The show consisted of series of demonstrations and interactive presentations that were conducted with assistance from the audience.
3. Knowledge Treasure Hunt utilizing existing exhibit areas of the National Science Centre.
The students formed groups and were encouraged to visit the Science centre exhibits in search for special objectives and topics that were of interest to them. After selecting the topic they headed out into the galleries of the science centre to research and record the information they seeked. Our students successfully completed their objectives and stood first. 
It was indeed a great learning experience for the students.
Submitted by 
Cherry Kapoor