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Nursery Monthly Activities (January 2016)

Transport:  A talk was given to introduce the theme of the month – Transport .The children were familiarized with different means of transport like land, air and water transport. The importance of road safety and traffic lights was discussed in the class. They also learnt about different types of fuels like diesel, petrol, etc. A visit to the car parking area was also organized for experiential learning of the children where they observed the different types of vehicles.  A slide show was organized which the children viewed with great excitement and enthusiasm. An Art and Craft activity of traffic lights was also done for the re-capitulation of traffic rules and road safety.

Community Service: The Nursery children generously donated their old story books for the under-privileged children.This provided them an opportunity to volunteer within the community in a positive way.
Republic Day:  The children learnt the significance of Republic Day through inter-active class discussions. They became aware of the bravery awards which are given to courageous children by the President of India. A Special Assembly was conducted through which they learnt about Dr. B.R Ambedkar, the Republic Day parade and other cultural activities held on this day. The children also coloured the national flag and did a finger dabbing activity on a dove.
Fun with Shapes: The re-capitulation of all shapes was done through a fun activity. The children pasted the relevant shapes on the outline of trees, houses, sun, flower etc and created a beautiful scenery in their spiral books. 
Float and Sink:  In order to introduce the concept of ‘heavy’ and ‘light’, a float and sink experiment was conducted. The children collected various objects like – metal ring, leaf, feather, cotton ball, pencil etc and put them in a bowl of water. They then observed those objects which floated and those which sank in water. This experiment helped children to further develop their observation and reasoning skills. 
Fireless Cooking :  In order to involve children during meal time and to initiate a lifelong interest in cooking, a fireless cooking activity was organized for them wherein they prepared a fun recipe using Monaco biscuits and other ingredients.