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Workshop on Higher Education

Date: 29th January, 2016

Time: 9:00 to 11:30 am
Resource Person: Ms. Kanika Marwah
Target Audience: Students of classes- IX-X and Parents of Class X students
A very enriching and informative workshop was organized at the premises of Lotus Valley School by the resource person, Ms.Kanika Marwah. The basic premise of this session was to orient the students of class X towards the choice of streams. Being at the cross roads of choosing between subject combinations, it was imperative at this point in time for the students to have an understanding of the career options and the skills required towards success in the same. Ms. Marwah included points of importance regarding how skill building should be the key focus area for the students. She shared data on the courses that could be sought after Class 12th directly and through entrance examinations. She also shared about the top 10 future careers that are the most sought after in the present times. Ms. Marwah emphasized the importance of profile building for the students and shared at length information about the summer internships, the voluntary work etc. that the students could take up for the same. Overall the session was really enriching and