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Pre-Nur December Write up


White Day was celebrated on Wednesday, 9th December where teachers and learners came dressed in white coloured attire and brought a white coloured object from home. These objects were displayed and discussed in the class. They shared the object with their friends which inculcated the habit of sharing and caring. They learnt about different white coloured objects.
Oval Day was celebrated on Friday, 4th December. Learners brought an oval shaped food item in their snack box. Learners did hands on activities like colouring in oval shape and tearing and pasting on an oval shaped frog which enhanced their fine motor skills.
Learners were given colourful clay and slates to create different shapes. They went to the sand pit and enjoyed making different shapes in the sand. Group discussions were held where each inquisitive learner was given an opportunity to speak about the shape made by them. This activity enhanced their confidence and aesthetic sense.
Christmas was celebrated in Pre –Nursery with great excitement where all boys and girls came dressed beautifully in party clothes. The significance and importance of this festival was explained to the budding Lotusians. They brought decorative items like bells, gift boxes, candles, stars, wreaths, candy sticks, stocking etc from home. They enthusiastically decorated the corridors, class and tree with decorative items. The teacher narrated the story of Jesus Christ where they were told about the birth of Jesus. Young minds were excited to hear about Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and Reindeer
Fairy tales build emotional resiliency and they cross cultural boundaries. They help to teach children an understanding of right and wrong, not through direct teaching, but through implications. Young minds imbibe moral values through story narration. The teacher narrated the story of ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Snow white’ through flash cards and puppet show. To give wings to their imagination little buds were asked to come dressed in their favorite fairy tale characters. Learners develop social skills and values such as caring sharing, honesty and a better understanding of their environment and relationships.

Visual learning is one of the important aspect that contribute to a child’s early development. Colouring pages are the most common tool in imparting knowledge about animals, fruits, vegetables, and alphabet. Colouring activities provide the necessary stimulation and expression to their creativity. ‘Fun with Colours’ event was organized in the class where lotus buds were asked to colour the picture of a fish. This activity enhanced their creativity, fine motor skills and imagination using different colours.
We celebrated ‘Helpers Day’, where we felicitated our dear nannies and housekeeping staff for their tireless love and support. To celebrate this day our lotus buds collected a lot of food items like biscuits, chocolates, cakes, juices, rice and pulses. This small gesture of love provided an opportunity to our tiny tots to show their gratitude to the people who silently and gently help them grow.
Annual function of the school showcase the talents of our budding performers, hard work put in by the staff and support provided by the school management. To match up with the expectation of the anxious parents and to maintain the high standards of the school, “YEH MERA INDIA”  was held on Saturday 12th  December 2015 in which different folk dances of India was depicted. Pre- Nursery buds came dressed beautifully in Goan clothes and performed on foot tapping song ‘YAYA  MAYA YA’ .Little ones stole the hearts of the audiences with their  performance. The show was a grand success.