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Nursery Monthly Activities (December -15)

Aquatic life:  The secretes of ‘Aquatic world’ were revealed to the children as this was the theme of the month. Children were introduced to the names of different water animals, their physical features, food and their habitat, through talks, audio visuals, flash cards and books. The teacher also made them aware about the water animals that can survive in water and the animals that can live both in water also and on land also. Children were also indulged in various other activities like making Jellyfish and an aquarium with paper plates to ensure the learning of all different kind of learners. These activities enhance their fine motor skills and concentration.
Christmas:  The children celebrated the joyful festival of Christmas by participating in carol singing, decorating the Christmas tree and pasting cotton on Santa clause. They also learnt about the importance of this day through talks and class discussions. A Christmas party was organized for the nursery children. They came dressed in red and green cloths and enjoyed singing / dancing with their friends.
Animal Party:  An animal party was held for a fun filled learning in the class. The children came dressed in different animal clothes to celebrate this party. Their beautiful dresses highlighted parent’s creativity and innovative skills.
Rhapsody 2015-16: Rhapsody 2015-16 ‘Ye Mera India’ was held with full enthusiasm and joy. Children were dressed as folk dancers of different states and danced to the tunes of melodious folk songs. The venue was representing the beautiful colors of India. The children enthralled the parents with their performances and were loudly cheered and appreciated by all.
English Recitation competition:  The nursery children enthusiastically participated in the English recitation competition held this month. They recited English poems / songs with great confidence, clarity and voice modulation. This helped in enhancing their confidence and speaking skills.
Diamond shape:  Diamond shape was introduced through an art and craft activity of kite making. The children were given small diamond shaped cut outs which they stuck on large kite. This activity helped them to improve their fine motor skills and mathematical skills.
Cotton pasting on snowmen:  A group activity of cotton pasting on snowmen was done for the reinforcement of white color. Children made small balls of cotton and pasted the same on large snowmen drawn on an ivory sheet. The children enjoyed participating in this fun group activity and made a beautiful snowman with cotton.
Community Service (Helpers day):  When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everybody is blessed. The children of nursery displayed this sentiment by generously donating dry food items like rice, pulses and biscuits to the underprivileged. They also celebrated ‘Helpers Day’ where the housekeeping staff’s services were acknowledged.