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Special Assembly for Christmas

Day and Date: 22nd Dec. 2015
Venue: Badminton Court, C- Block.

A special assembly was conducted by Class VI Aquarius and VI Aries on the occasion of Christmas. The students presented a short skit depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.  The students sang  melodious Christmas Carols and presented a  beautiful dance performance. The Grand Finale saw the arrival of not one but two Santa Claus along with Rudolph, their reindeer. The Principal Dr. Ruchi Seth and Vice Principal Ms.Indu Yadav also  spoke to the students to bring out the Santa in each one of them and adopt the qualities of compassion, mercy and love.
.Students who brought laurels for the school in various competitions were also given certificates and medals.

•    Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon organised the Math Magic Week from
12th-16th October 2015. Our students participated in the Mathematical Dance and  won the 2nd position.
The participants were-
-Nandini Rastogi-VI Sirius, Riya Gupta -VI-Aries, Sanya Arora-VI Orion,
Kashvi Sehjwani-VI-Libra
•    Serena  Singh  participated in the Salwan Golf Cup at ITC  Classic Golf Course, Manesar from 4th -6th Nov. 2015. She bagged the first prize and received a trophy for the same. She  also participated in the CRGC Junior Cup held at Crossing Republic Golf Club on 18thOctober, 2015 and won a Gold Medal.
•    At  Callaway Junior Golf Cup held at Noida Golf Club on 19th Dec-2015 , Serena Singh of VII Ariel won the first prize in the Under 12 category.
•    Pragyan School, Greater Noida, organized Inter School Meet in the month of Oct. 2015. In Lawn Tennis , the Boys team of our school won the first Prize and were declared the winners in the U-14 category. The participants were Siddhant Bakshi of  VIII- Exbury and Anant Gupta of VII Calypso . They received a trophy for the same.
•    In Lawn Tennis U-14 Girls category Anoushka Roy of VII Callisto was declared the Runner up . She received a trophy for the same.
•    Pathways School Noida organized the Inter School Tennis Competition. Siddhant  Bakshi  of VIII- Exbury bagged  the first position in the U-14 Category. He received a medal and a certificate for the same. Anant Gupta of VII Calypso bagged  the third position in the same category. He also received the third prize in the U-12 category. He received a certificate for the same.
•    CBSE organised an Interschool Sports and Games Competition from 26th-30th Nov. 2015 at Jain International School, Nagpur. Anant Gupta of VII Calypso and Siddharth Bakshi of VIII Exbury participated in the CBSE National Tennis Championship. Both of them also participated in the CBSE Inter School Sports and Games Competition East Zone Tennis Tournament at JBM Global School . They bagged  the second position and received a trophy for the same.
•    Shikha Rai of VI-Cassiopia participated in the 61st National School Games 2015-16 (Skating Championship) held in Belgaum, Karnataka  from 3rd- 8th Dec. 2015 in the U-14 Girls Inline Category. She won Gold medals in Road Race 3000 mtr. and Rink Race 500 mtr.  She also won a Silver Medal in Rink Race 1000 mtr. She was awarded with Individual Championship Trophy and cash prize of Rs. 8000 .
•    In  Cagers 2015-16 Interschool Basket Ball Tournament held at –DPS Ghaziabad Vasundhara from 15th - 18thDec. 2015 the following students won  the 2nd Runner up Trophy in the Under 14 Girls category .

Sandeepti Singh:VIII-Vrindavan
Mehak Kumar:VIII- Nishaat
Kairavi Sarup:VII- Ariel
Ananya Panda:VIII-Exbury
Serena Singh:VII-Ariel
Khushi Sood:VI-Sirius
Kyna Sharma:VI-Sirius
Urvashi Parkar:VIII-Exbury
Ananya Singh:VII-Atlas

•    Urban Sports organized the  Interschool Yoga Competition at Common Wealth Village, Delhi on 21st Dec. 2015. The following students received certificates and medals for prizes won by them.

Under 10 Girls   

        Riya Gupta:VI Aries-1st
        Nandani Rastogi:VI Sirius-1St
        Amishi Garg:VI Orion-2nd
        Urvi Jharbade:VI Orion-3rd
        Insha Rizvi-3rd

Under 10 Boys  

        Ali Naqbi:VI Sirius-2nd

Under 12 Girls   

        Nandani Rastogi:VI Sirius-1st
        Amishi Garg:VI Orion-2nd
        Insha Rizvi:VI Sirius-3rd

Under 14 Girls   

       Sukoon Wadhawan:VII Proteus-1st
       Trisha Tanwar:VIII Mirabell-2nd
       Angela Arora:VIII Mirabell-3rd

Above 14 Boys   

       Uday Jain:VIII Nishaat:2nd

According to the medal tally LVIS, Noida won the Overall Championship Trophy .

•    In the month of Nov. 2015 NIE organized The Think and Learn Challenge for the students of classes VI-VIII. Dheeraj Deshpande of VI- Libra participated in the same . He qualified for the second round which took place at the Indira Gandhi Staium , New Delhi on 20th Dec. 2015 . He received a tablet for the same.