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Joy and gaiety pervaded the atmosphere as the children of classes 1 and II celebrated Christmas. A Special Assembly was presented by the  students of Classes  I Juniper and Lavender.
The stage was beautifully decorated and wore a festive look. The little wonders dressed in red, sang carols around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree . The young artists enacted a skit and left an impression on everyone present. The importance  of the christmas tree and its ornaments was very beautifully depicted. The children were amused to see the Santa Claus  who brought them  gifts of love, joy , hope and peace in his goody bag. A dance celebrating the spirit of joy was an absolute delight .
The assembly finally concluded with Incharge, Mrs. Mona Kalra ‘s  greetings and best wishes. She asked the children to thank their parents and teachers for being their lifelong Santas and for loving them unconditionally throughout their lives .It was a wonderful way to mark the end of year, 2015 and welcome the coming year with outstretched arms.