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Workshop on LAW as a career option

Workshop report

Date:15th December 2015
Time:10:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Facilitators:Mr.Abhishek from CLAT possible
Venue:LVIS Amphitheatre
Target Audience:Class 10th and 11th students
Topic:LAW as a career

The Times of India coordinated to conduct a session for the students of classes 10th and 11th on the topic LAW as a career option. Lotus Valley had the opportunity to welcome Mr.Abhishek, the alumnus of NLU, Bangalore. With his excellent oratory skills and his deep knowledge about the various job opportunities, he was able to touch the hearts of many students and motivate them to think about Law as a career option. The resource person brought in with him some excellent case studies of famous lawyers of the country like Mr.Salvey, Mr.Montek Singh Ahluwalia and his son Aman Ahluwalia and the great heights they have achieved through this profession. He also stimulated the thought in every mind to consider doing law perhaps to just do a value addition to themselves along with any other professional field that they may be pursuing. An important insight that was given by him was about the preparation in terms of reading and feeding oneself with the information of the outside world on consistent basis. The speaker also guided the students to practice questions of logical reasoning and to analyze any piece of content that they read intensely. He shared information about the different specializations of law and the steep remuneration with which one can start up one’s career.
Finally a short aptitude test was conducted for the students of class 11 in line with the CLAT to give the students a vision towards the preparation of CLAT.
Overall the session was informative and the students could clarify many queries related to pursuing Law.

Dr.Aastha Sahcdeva