Lotus Valley International School hosted the Annual Cultural Fiesta cum Sports Day, ‘Udaan’ on 13th December, 2015. The occasion was graced by the esteemed guest Lieutenant General , Dr. Punita Arora, the first Vice admiral of the Indian Navy. The flag hoisting ceremony and releasing of balloons into the sky symbolized the essence of what Lotus Valley believes in - the freedom to dream and to soar to unprecedented heights.
 An aura of peace and calm was created by the Indian music choir’s soulful rendition of a Shloka. Their rhythmic and melodious number, ‘Choona Hai Humme Aasamaan’ had the audience clapping and cheering and set the mood for the festivities. The name, ‘Sur Sangam’, was apt for this lovely musical rendezvous of harmony and rhythm.’ The principal Dr.. Ruchi Seth welcomed the Chief Guest and the august gathering. The martial arts demonstration, ‘Kicks and Punches’, was an artistic amalgamation of Taekwondo and Judo. Taught as an art of self-defense, it denoted the indomitable spirit of the young children and their strength and courage to surmount life’s challenges. The audience was left spellbound by the feats of these young performers. By breaking tiles and boards with such mastery, the children exhibited their power and accuracy. The talented aerobics dancers and gymnasts of Lotus Valley demonstrated their agility and flexibility through their mesmerizing performance. The graceful movement of the dancers in the drill sequence and the finesse with which the children swirled and twirled their hula-hoops captivated the audience. The audience held their breath as our talented acrobats cart wheeled and somersaulted. Their perfect pyramid was an exquisite example of balance, teamwork and coordination. Fun and frolic ensued as races for children followed.
The Western music choir, ‘Symphony’ took the audience down the memory lane with their foot-tapping performance of the old Abba Number ‘I have a dream’ and the beautiful song ‘Stop’ by Spice Girls.
The theme of the Annual Day -Global Peace and Unity was depicted beautifully through ‘Global Beats’- a musical extravaganza .Dance is an expression of love, delight and happiness. The five carefully chosen dances, out of the many popular dances of the world, depicted the diverse culture present in the society.  The Flamenco dance of Spain had the Sirs and the Senoritas, flamboyant in their hats and beautiful flared skirts, swirling and twirling. Korea’s fan dance was a breathtaking sight in all its graceful glory. The
Habibi’ dance transported us to the land of camels and dates of Saudi Arabia. The nine long nights of dancing and merry making in Gujarat were packed in a rocking Dandiya performance. The carnival of Rio, Brazil had everyone dancing to its tunes with the performers putting up a scintillating act. The show highlighted the fact that diversity in the society does not threaten the bond of love that humanity shares, rather cements it. The foot tapping music and elegant steps of the students moved in sync with each other. The grand finale was the icing on the cake after the enthralling performances. The honorable Chief Guest motivated the children with her encouraging words and applauded their efforts.
The In-charge, Classes I and II, Mrs. Mona Kalra thanked the students, parents, teachers and all the people associated with this event for working  in complete coordination with each other and making  it a great success.