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Purple Day was celebrated where teachers and the learners came dressed in Purple coloured attire and also brought a purple coloured object from home. These objects were displayed and discussed in the class. They shared the object with their friends and enjoyed the activity thoroughly. This activity inculcated the habit of sharing and caring. They also learnt about different purple coloured objects.In order to enhance the recognition of Purple colour, our budding artists performed activities such as scribbling, colouring in brinjal

Diamond Day was celebrated on Tuesday, 17th November. Learners brought a diamond shaped food item in their snack box. Learners did hands on activities like colouring a diamond and decorating a diamond shaped kite. Sorting game of diamond shape was played by the lotus buds. Learners were given colourful clay and slates to create different shapes. They went to the sand pit and enjoyed making different shapes in sand.

The pious festival –Diwali was celebrated in Pre –Nursery with great excitement where all boys and girls came dressed beautifully in traditional attire for Diwali Party. The significance and importance of this festival was explained to the budding Lotusians. They decorated earthen diyas with mirrors and sequences which they carried home as a memento of the day. The teachers narrated the story of Ramayana. They sang songs like ‘Ek The Raja Ram Awadh Ke’ and ‘Siyapati Ram Chandra Ki Jai’. They enthusiastically decorated the corridors by making rangoli with assistance of teachers. Learners wished ‘Happy Diwali’ and exchanged greetings with their friends.

The topic was introduced to the learners through flash cards, toys and by showing them different kinds of real vehicles. An interactive session was held where they were informed about different means of transport and their importance. Learners coloured the pictures of a car, a helicopter, a train, a yacht and Traffic lights . Story was dramatized, in which lotus buds learnt about Road Safety, Traffic Lights and Zebra Crossing. To reinforce the concept of different types of transport learners got their favorite toy from home. An interactive discussion was held in which our young narrators described about their toy in the classroom. Learners visited school parking where they saw different vehicles and learnt about their names, number of wheels, slow/fast moving vehicles and big/small vehicles. A sorting game was played where the learners had to pick the flashcards of Land, Water and Air Transport and place them in the respective bowls. . Learners enjoyed reciting musical rhymes like Wheels of the bus.., Red light Red light.., Aeroplane Aeroplane.., Row Row Row your boat.. Engine Engine …Ek Choti Kashti mere paas...

Community service and charity can begin at an early age. Pre- Nursery children donated 40 woolen clothes to a nearby orphanage. The students learned about the underprivileged community and experienced the power of ‘Giving & Sharing’.