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Kindergarten Monthly Activities of November 15

1. Pet and domestic animals .
The learners were introduced to the theme with the help of stories and rhymes. Flashcards of different pet and domestic animals were shown to them. They learned about their names, sounds, food, uses and shelter. They were made aware that animals play a vital role in striking a balance with nature. Little learners were explained that taking care of these animals is important. They made a mask of a cat and a frog with thumb printing. Slide shows were shown to make the understanding more clear.

2. Children’s Day.  
Children’s day was celebrated in the loving memory of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. Fun races were organized for the tiny tots to mark the occasion. The spirit of friendly competition came alive on this day. They cheered their friends and learned valuable lessons in sportsmanship.

3. Cone shape:
Shapes are something that amuse children, especially when they have to name things with that particular shape. Cone shape was introduced this month. The tiny tots did a colouring activity of cone shape in their art file, which they really enjoyed.