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1.    Introduction to the Animal Kingdom :-
       The children were introduced to the world of Animal Kingdom through different fun based activities. A talk was given on the different types of animals – Pet, Farm and Wild animals in order to make the children familiar with their varied eating habits, natural habitat, homes, young ones and sounds etc. A group activity of Collage Making was carried out in which the children identified, sorted and pasted pictures of different pet, farm and wild animals on chart paper. They were further sensitized and were encouraged to develop a caring and loving attitude towards animals and the environment.

2.    Diwali Celebration:-
   The significance of the Diwali festival was explained through stories and group discussions. A Special Assembly was conducted for the Nursery children in which they learnt about the Do’s and Don’ts of the festival and how it is celebrated. The children also enjoyed the mesmerizing song and dance performances related to the Festival of Lights. To mark the joyous occasion a Diwali party was also organized in which the children came dressed in colourful ethnic wear.They danced enthusiastically on foot tapping songs and relished wonderful snacks with their friends.

3.    Star Shape (Magic Wand)
Star and Crescent were introduced through the cut outs of the shapes and tracing activities. To further enhance their learning, the children took part in a fun filled activity of making magic wands in the class. These activities enabled them to strengthen their fine motor skills and develop their visual perception.

4.    Fun Races :-
An event of Fun Races was organized for the Nursery children to build their physical endurance and inculcate in them the spirit of sportsmanship. The boys and girls enthusiastically participated in the ‘Flute Race ‘and ‘Basket Race’ respectively. The winners were awarded certificates by the Pre-Primary Incharge. It was an enjoyable day for the children and was filled with fun and frolic.

5.    Community Service :-
 To make a difference and foster a spirit of sharing among them, the children were encouraged to bring one piece of woolen clothing for the underprivileged section of the community. They joyfully and willingly donated their possessions and helped build a more loving and giving society for one another.

6.    Purple Colour :-
Children were introduced to purple colour through the mixing of red and blue colour. They enjoyed colouring different purple coloured objects – brinjal, plum, flowers etc.