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KG Childrens Day

We are fully charged to welcome the month of November, the chilling winds bring a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. It also commemorates ‘Children’s Day’ which is enjoyed by every Indian child, which is celebrated in the memory of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who was popularly named ‘Chacha Nehru.’ Fun races were organized for the tiny tots to mark the occasion. The spirit of friendly competition came alive on this day. Little Lotusians participated with full enthusiasm, they cheered their friends and learned valuable lessons in sportsmanship. They learned about the extra enjoyment that competition can bring to a game. These fun, dynamic games increase physical fitness and improve gross motor skills. Aside from obvious health benefits for the little ones, these types of games provide children the opportunity to develop social, fine, motor and problem solving skills. They build confidence and self esteem. They also improve their balance, hand-eye and eye-foot coordination. They give them the opportunity to spend some great quality time laughing and being together. Games have a far greater educational influence, many children with developmental disabilities, who don’t normally seem to react to their environment are often completely transformed when playing together. It has a great impact on sensory perception. It also helps social development, show a lot of improvement in their ability to cooperate with playmates.