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Magic Show

A magic show was organized on 17th Nov, 2015 for the students of Classes I, II and III  of Lotus Valley International School as a part of the Children’s Day celebrations. The magician, Mr. V.K Samrat, performed many tricks and illusions that had the children and teachers watching in rapt attention and excitement. The magic wand, the magic words, and the interesting and distinctive style of the magician kept everybody astounded.
Much to the amazement of the onlookers, by chanting the magic words, he could turn the candle into feathers and create innumerable glasses and currency notes out of a paper cone!  Borrowing things from the audience and making them disappear was another feat that impressed even the most skeptical audience.
The students and the teachers were kept guessing as to how the tricks worked. All of them could not stop clapping as he unfolded his magic tricks one by one.
The In charge, Mrs Mona Kalra thanked Mr Samrat for making the morning really magical for everyone.