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Monday, November 9th 2015

Diwali is a festival of happiness and joy, a festival of fireworks and lights, a festival when families are together, yet, there are millions who “celebrate” this festival alone in the dark. This Diwali, we lotusians got a chance to bring joy to the lives of many people, and ultimately, to us.
On Monday, 9th November 2015, we were visited by some members of the ‘Cheshire Homes’, a home for the specially abled people. They had come to put up a sale of goods which were made by the people of the ‘Cheshire Homes’. All the students were very excited, since it was the first time such a sale was being held for the students in our school. The goods were no doubt a feast for the eyes. All the detail, all the designs, all the hard work that had been put in making the items could clearly be seen. The colorful candle, the beautiful earthen lamps, the golden idols and the carved Ganesh ji, each and every item was a beauty to behold. There was so much demand for the items that a call had to be made to bring in more of the goods since it was all being sold out. The sale was totally on fire, the kids didn’t stop buying even after the dispersal bell rang. Finally, when the sale ended, to our great surprise, a total of fifty one thousand rupees had been collected (51 ka shagun…wow !!). This Diwali shopping was indeed different, for a change, we weren’t thinking of what all we were buying, but asking God to bless those for whom we were buying it all.
-    BY Anab Akhtar