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Nursery card making competition photographs

Nursery Monthly Activities October 2015

1.    Fruit Chaat
Fruit Chaat day, was celebrated with full enthusiasm. Children brought seasonal fruits like bananas, apples, pears, etc. They actively participated in this group activity and understood the recipe. The teacher talked about the colour of fruits, seeds, pulp, etc. Children relished eating the fruit chaat.

2.    Healthy and Unhealthy Food
To inculcate good food habits, children were told about healthy and unhealthy/ junk food. The importance of eating healthy food like fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, etc.  was told to them. They were discouraged to eat unhealthy food like french fries, pizza, burger, etc. To enhance their knowledge, a sorting and collage making activity was conducted in the class. A slide show was also shown to enhance the understanding of the concept.

3.    Activity – Making of Fruit and Vegetable basket.   
As part of art and craft activity, the children prepared fruit and vegetable baskets. They coloured pictures of different fruits like pear, mango, orange, grapes and apple and also vegetables like brinjal, cauliflower, ladyfinger, tomatoes, peas and carrots. This activity ensured recapitulation of the learning done with regard to the names of various fruits and vegetables.

4.    Diwali
A talk was given on the festival of lights- Diwali. The Teacher explained why Diwali is celebrated laying emphasis on Lord Rama, Laxman, Ravana and Sita. The message that – ‘Good always wins over evil’, was conveyed to the children with the help of a role play. The do’s and don’ts of Diwali celebration were stressed upon. A special assembly on Diwali was also conducted.

5.    Card Making Competition
 A card making competition was held this month. The children coloured and decorated the picture of a diya with sequins and mirrors. They enjoyed exhibiting their talents and came up with beautiful and creative cards.
Badges like Well Done , Keep it up, Creative work and so on were  awarded to all the participants by their teachers, for  Card making Competition.  It also provided recognition and appreciation for the good work done by them.

6.    Gandhi Jayanti
‘Gandhi Jayanti’ - the birth anniversary of the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated in the school on 1st October 2015. A talk was delivered by the teacher and young minds were taught about the significance of this day. They were made aware that Mahatma Gandhi is also popularly known as ‘Bapuji’ and his birth anniversary is also celebrated as the ‘International Day of Non violence’. Gandhiji’s ideals of truthfulness and non violence were explained to the children. His famous preaching depicted by the ‘three monkeys’ giving message of ‘hear no evil, see no evil, talk no evil’ were told to the children.
A special assembly was also held by the children of Nursery Dahlias and Nursery Tulips to celebrate this day. The children presented a very melodious and educative song ‘Gandhiji ke bandar teen’. They also enthralled the audience by performing a captivating dance show on a medley.

7.    Dusshera.   
As part of education on culture and traditions of India, a talk was organized in the class for the tiny tots; they were told about the mythological significance of the festival of Dusshera and the values of righteousness and the victory of good over evil associated with the festival. The children were also made to colour the pictures of Ravan to enhance their familiarity with this mythological figure which they took home too.
A Special Assembly was also held on 15th October 2015. The children of Nursery Lilacs and Nursery Orchids presented a spectacular dance show on the song ‘Ramji ne dhanush toda’. They also presented a song ‘Ramji ki sena chali’. The confident children then told the audience about the significance of the festival Dusshera. The performance of the children was very well received by the children as well as the parents and grandparents present on the occasion.

8.    Semi Circle
The concept of the semi-circle shape was introduced and re-inforced through a fun craft activity of a ‘tortoise’. Paper plates were cut into half to make a semi-circle shape which the children enthusiastically coloured . They then stuck the cut outs of the head, tail and legs using glue stick on the shell of the tortoise. The children then made the eyes and mouth of the tortoise with crayons and stuck green coloured circles on the tortoise shell. This complete activity helped the children develop their eye-hand co-ordination and focus as also in the development of their spatial intelligence.