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The Science and SSt. department of the Primary Wing organised a Science and SSt. week in school for Classes 3, 4 and 5 from the 12th day of October to the 16th day of October 2015. Various activities like mash up, puppet show, and dramatization were organised.  The main purpose of the week was "learning by doing." All students of these classes participated ardently.
Right from concocting scripts or props to presentation was all done by the ever enthusiastic children themselves in their respective classes under the guidance of their teachers. Interesting talks by the resource persons were also organised for them.
Class 3 prepared a group dramatization related to topics such as:
1. Water cycle,
2. Water pollution and
3. Water conservation.
                 “Water, water all around....Save every drop that can be found”.
The idea behind choosing these topics was to make the children aware of the importance of water and the need to conserve it. Each section prepared the dramatization in groups and the winner team then had to compete in the finale for the top 3 positions.
Class 4 had a gala time preparing for the puppet show. They had to prepare their show on any one of the following topics:
1. A visit to Mars
2. Waste and its effects on Earth
3. Historical event of India through a Katha

Class 5 had a mash up competition, where they had to prepare a mash up or rap song on any one of the following topics:
1. Digital India
2. Smart city
3. Skill India

Again for Classes 4 and 5, the best selected group had to compete on the day of FINALE for the top three positions.
Many hidden talents were discovered and showcased beautifully.  Even the audience had a lot of fun and learning during the entire week. Overall, it was a very enriching time for all.