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A foray into the magical world of numbers, a carnival of shapes and puzzles -
the ‘Maths Week’ was a five-day bonanza of fun-filled activities and competitions.
 Organized in the month of October for classes I and II, each event was guaranteed to challenge the minds of our young learners and relate mathematical concepts to everyday life. The week was inaugurated by the ‘Pot of Gold’ activity which aimed at enhancing the logical thinking and mental maths skills of the students. The excitement of our young learners was palpable as they geared themselves up for the ‘Maths Marathon’ competition organized on day two. The competition organized at two levels (Level 1 - Fun with Shapes and Level 2 - Maths Wizard) gauged their tenacity to solve sums accurately and quickly, and also reinforce their knowledge of shapes. Day three was marked by the ‘Four in a Row’ i.e. a Bingo activity. Children held their breath as the numbers were called out, each enthusiastic about winning. The activity not only enriched their addition and subtraction skills but also ascertained their sharpness and quick reflexes. A classic example of learning by doing, the ‘Shape-O-Mania’ activity organized on day four was an effective way to unleash the creative juices and kindle the imagination of the students. The array of patterns and designs created by them were mind-boggling, each unique in its own way. This activity strengthened their knowledge about the various shapes and their uses in day-to-day life.  The ‘Magic Maths’ activity organized on day five was a befitting close to the Maths Week as the children strengthened their pattern recognition skills and learnt interesting information about a few well-known constellations. The worksheet served as a ‘takeaway’ for our young learners to explore this intellectually stimulating concept further. The badges given to the children at the end of each activity motivated them and contributed towards making the Maths Week a grand success!