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Monthly Activities (September) Nursery

1.    Nature Walk – To make the children aware of the importance of plants they were taken for a walk around the school garden, where they observed different kinds of plants. They also learnt about the things required for the plants to grow – soil, water and sunlight. Children also learnt the importance of nature and how to preserve it by not harming them.

2.    Triangle Shape Activity – A triangular bird feeder with ice-cream sticks was made by the children for the practical knowledge of the concept. Children enjoyed colouring the parrot for the activity and were happy to take it home.

3.    Parts of a Plant – Children made a flower pot by joining the cutouts of different parts of a plant using a paper cup and took it home. Students learnt about the functions and uses of parts of a plant through this activity.

4.    Fun With Colors Competition - To enhance the creativity and imaginative mind of children, a competition was held wherein they enthusiastically coloured a beautiful picture. They enjoyed exhibiting their talent and came up with different colour schemes.

5.      Seed Germination – Children participated in hands on activity for seed germination. They sowed chickpeas, kidney peas in a clay pot and nurtured it by watering it every day. They observed different stages of the plant cycle and are now aware of the process of germination.

6.    Slide Show – Different slides were shown on the theme, “our Green World” to make the learning visual and long lasting.