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Pre- Nursery September monthly activities

Green Day was celebrated on Tuesday, 1st September. Children came dressed in green colour clothes and also brought a green colour object with them. In order to enhance the recognition of green colour, children did activities like coloring, leaf printing, and pasting green cotton on the caterpillar, and also putting green colour beads in the string. Children enjoyed all these activities.

Star Day was celebrated on Monday, 7th September .Children were asked to get a star shaped food item in their snack box. They made star shaped medals as a take away activity. Children did activities like colouring a star and a star fish etc. for better understanding of the concept.

Janamashtmi was celebrated with immense joy. The significance and importance of this festival was told to the children.Children came dressed as Radha and Krishna. They coloured and decorated matki’s as a take away activity. They enjoyed story in which life of Krishna was depicted.

Children were told about different body parts and their functions. They did experiment on sense organs. They enjoyed the game ‘Simon says’ and recited few rhymes on parts of the body.