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“The water is your friend..... You don’t have to fight with water. Just share the same spirit as the water and it will help you to move”
This seemed to be the motto of our young swimmers from class III participating in the Inter House Swimming Competition.

The Swimming Finals held on the bright sunny morning of 8th September, 2015 featured 25m freestyle boys, 25m freestyle girls, 4*25 m freestyle relay boys, 4*25 m freestyle relay girls. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as the students cheered for their favorites.

The swimming finale was graced by the presence of Ms.Parul Puri, In charge of Primary Wing 3 to 5. 

Prior to the finale, the qualifying rounds were held in the last week of August and constant supervision was provided to the swimmers. All the boys and girls turned up for practice in a truly professional manner under the able guidance of the Swimming Coaches Mr.Pandit   and Ms. Jyoti’s respectively.

The results were as follows:

25m Freestyle (Boys):
Noyaan Marazi : Alexandria
Ranveer Singh : Alexandria
Rakshak Gudgula : Nalanda
Aditya Kasal : Takshila

25m Freestyle (Girls):
Shristhi Gupta : Alexandria
Shruti Gupta : Pisa
Samaira Arora : Alexandria
Michelle Maria Barnes : Nalanda   
In the 25m Freestyle Relay (Boys) first Position was bagged by Alexandria House, second by Nalanda and third position was bagged by Pisa House.
In the 25m freestyle relay (girls) the first position was bagged by Alexandria House, the second position by Nalanda House and the third position was bagged by Pisa House.   
“A winner makes commitments to a goal, a loser makes promises.” The swimming meet was indeed a grand success.

“Well done swimmers!”