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Classes I and II Computer Fest

 “Man is the most extraordinary computer of all”
Technology empowers children to learn new skills, while enhancing their social and cognitive development. Our tech savvy students of Class II were given an opportunity to exhibit their skills in the event ‘MIX MAGIC’ during the Computer Fest in our school. As the theme was ‘Summer Scene, the students were ready with ingenious ideas. Their entries showcased their creativity, imagination, and their dexterity with the Tux Paint tool. The student’s entries varied from people roaming about in the city in vibrant summery dresses to people working in hot summer sun to children making sand dunes on the beach and eating ice cream.  The brilliance with which the students used the tools and the perfection of their work left every person spellbound.  We are indeed grateful to our dear parents for their guidance and support.  It was surely a great learning experience for everyone.