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Nursery Monthly Activities of August 2015

1.    Rainy Season.    A discussion was held on rainy season to make the children aware of the importance of water, its sources and conservation. They also learnt about various things like umbrella, raincoat, gumboots etc. used in this season. They were also made aware of insects seen during this season and preventive measures taken during rainy season. They made an origami paper boat and pasted it on the spiral notebook. A slide show was also shown to make the understanding more clear.

2.    Insects.    Children were introduced to different types of insects found in our everyday life. Their characteristics and uniqueness was explained through a discussion. Also, an audio-visual show was shown to make learning more interesting. Children therafter made an ‘insect mask’ which they took home. An insect booklet was given to them for coloring as revision.

3.    Independence Day.    The importance of our National Festival: ‘Independence Day’ was discussed. The three colours of our national flag and their significance was explained to the children. They were also told about India’s other national symbols like the emblem, flower, animal, bird, fruit and tree. Children did ‘ear bud printing’ on the National flag. A special assembly was conducted wherein they learnt about the value of freedom, peace and unity.

4.    Birds.    Children were introduced to the different types of birds and their habitats. Their physical features were explained eg. Beak, wings, feather and claws through flashcards and a slide show. They also learnt about flying and flightless birds.

5.    Raksha-Bandhan.    A talk was held on the auspicious occasion of ‘Raksha-Bandhan’. Children learnt about the significance and value of this festival of bonding between brothers and sisters through a special assembly. Children also made rakhis and took them home.

6.    Bhakti Geet Competition.    For the overall development of our children, a Bhakti Geet competition was held wherein all the children participated enthusiastically. They sang a variety of spiritual and patriotic songs which enhanced their vocabulary, confidence, expression and oratory skills.

7.    Movie.  Movie ‘Minions’ was organized for the children which they enjoyed