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Special Assembly on Teacher's Day

Day/ Date-Tuesday, 1st September, 2015
Venue- C-Block, Badminton Court.
A Special assembly on Teacher’s Day was organized by the students of classes VI-VIII. The assembly started with a mesmerizing Yoga performance which was followed by an energetic dance presented by girls. Thereafter the students expressed their gratitude towards their teachers for all the efforts put in by them in making them better students and human beings. The teachers were presented with flowers and cards.
The grand finale saw the teachers and the students dancing together and enjoying themselves. The Principal appreciated the students for the hard work and efforts put in by them. She focused on the Guru -Shisya Parampara and wished that it would be carried forward by the younger generations. The same views were being reinforced by the Vice-Principal. This was followed by the Prize Distribution.
1) Inter-school Swimming Competition in Step by Step, Noida: 
Dhruv Sood ,Pranay Hada, and Shashwat Chaube won a silver medal in the 4x25m freestyle race.
2) Inter-School Swimming Competition at Pathways, Noida:
Again, Dhruv Sood, Pranay Hada and Shashwat Chaube won a  silver medal in the 4x25m freestyle race.Shashwat Chaube won a bronze medal in 25m freestyle race.
3) Inter-School Science Event, D.P.S, Grt. Noida:
Udyan Kumar won the 2nd prize and received a trophy and a certificate for the same.
4) 2nd National Open Roller Skating Championship:
Kashish Bhatia won the 3rd prize in the competition.