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Class II Role Play Competition

Myths and legends are an integral part of human existence. A Role Play Competition was conducted for the students of class II on Wednesday, 19th August 2015, in which the students dressed as  Mythological characters enacted their role.

The objective was to make our children aware of the rich Indian culture and other cultures of the world at an early age. The students, dressed in colourful costumes, reminded us of our glorious past and took us closer to our cultural roots.   The excitement, energy and the confidence level of the little children was really admirable as they portrayed  mythological characters like Lord Krishna, Hanuman, Goddess kali, Jatayu, Zeus and more and transported everyone to the bygone eras  when divine voices could be heard and visions seen!
Our little Lotusians truly believe in traditions and values as was evident through the competition. The day reflected over the fact that how rich every culture is and there is so much to learn from these young enthusiastic learners. Resplendent in their costumes, they delivered their lines and slogans with a confidence and passion that won the hearts of each one present.
We are extremely grateful to our dear parents for their whole hearted support and cooperation in making this event a grand success.