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EVENT: ‘13th Kusum Verma Memorial Competitions’
DATE: Monday, 7th August, 2015
VENUE: Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan
TEACHERS IN CHARGE:  Mrs. Jyoti , Mrs. Nayani Sharma and Mrs. Malobika
‘13th Kusum Verma Memorial Competitions’ were organised under the aegis of Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan as a tribute to a teacher, (HOD for English, Mrs. Kusum Verma)  who established a bond for life with her students and provided them with academic as well as emotional support.

The Competitions were organised on Monday, 7th August, 2015 from 10 a.m to 4 p.m.
The overall theme projected the need to create a Humanitarian World.

The Competitions were held in the following categories:

SELF COMPOSED POEM RECITATION: Gunjan Saini(class VIII) presented her well written poem.

POEM RECITATION: Radhini Chowdhary  (class XI)  received the Consolation Prize for her remarkable performance.

CREATIVE WRITING: Geetanjali Gairola (class IX) and Rhea Sinha (class X) wrote an interesting piece on ‘Working towards a Humanitarian World’.

This was followed by a Theatre Workshop by a renowned personality, Shomu Anand. The children enjoyed the session and performed small skits on the same theme. He made the workshop appealing and out of the ordinary with quick thinking, challenging lessons and warm-up-activities.

Radhini’s group was adjudged as the best skit and was very well presented. Radhini impressed the audience with her voice makeover of Arnab Goswami.

It was a great learning experience as well as an emotionally enriching one as the Old Springdalians hovered around their former teachers with a lot of love and respect.
Great hospitality was extended towards the sixteen schools that had gathered under one roof to broaden their minds and thoughts with a solitary objective in mind, which is to create a Humanitarian World.

These kinds of competitions help in igniting the right spirit of universal brotherhood in each and every participant.