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Monthly activities-July

Blue Day
Blue Day was celebrated on Thursday, 2nd July. Children came dressed in blue colour clothes and also brought a blue colour object with them. To be able to identify the colour blue, children were involved in art and craft activities like treasure hunt, pasting blue cotton on the cloud, scribbling with blue crayon etc. The children enjoyed all the activities and are now able to recognize the blue colour.

Triangle Day
Triangle Day was celebrated on Monday, 6th July. In order to enhance the identification of triangle shape, children were shown different triangle shape objects such as blocks, hanger etc. Children were asked to bring triangle shape food item in their snack box. Various activities like colouring, paper folding – Fish, pasting triangle shaped cap in a clown etc. were done in the class to enable the children to recognize the shape.

Chef’s at work (Triangular Sandwich and Mango Smoothie making)
To familiarize the children with the triangle shape, a fun based activity was done in the class on Tuesday, 28th July. Children were enthusiastic about making triangular sandwiches. They got slices of bread, tomato and cucumber from home and they relished the sandwiches..
To familiarize the children with the seasonal fruit Mango Smoothie was made in the class on Thursday, 16th July. Children were asked to bring mango pulp and sugar from home. The little chef’s were excited while making mango smoothie.

Talk by a Doctor
As per the theme of the month ‘Health and Hygiene’, the Doctor visited in the class and explained the importance of personal hygiene and how to maintain a good health. Children enjoyed activities like washing hands and brushing teeth.