“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."
By their commendable performance in the International Informatics Olympiad [session 14-15] our budding Lotusians have yet again proved that no dream is too big for them to achieve.
•    Naitik Mundra (III Brahmaputra) has secured the 1st state rank and has obtained 100% marks in level 2 .He has received a tablet PC and a certificate of merit.
•    Pranet Kumar (III Kaveri) secured the 8th state rank and 84th national rank.
•    Ranya Khanna (IV Niagara) secured the 1st state rank and the 13th national rank.  
•    Adi Mathur of Class IV secured the 8th state rank.
•    Abhyuday Gupta (IV- Victoria) secured the 3rd position in class and the 9th state rank.
•    Sahana Radhakrishnan (IV Pushkar) secured the 15th state rank.
•    Anika Saxena(IV Vostok) secured the 16th state rank.
•    Viraj Buddhiraja (IV Pangong) secured the 34th state rank.

The following students of Class III, IV and V have done us proud by getting all the coveted 15 shields in YLE [session14-15]:
    Sukeerat Kaur Grewal of Class III Ganges,
    Avi Vigh of III Ganges,
    Tanay Pratap Singh of Class III Ganges,
    Gurman Sarin of Class III Ganges,
    Shiven,Chadha of Class III Bhramaputra
    Jaytra Lohia  of Class III Bhramaputra
    Vivaan,Suri of Class III Bhramaputra
    Anvi Sharma of Class III Bhramaputra
    Sirjana Kaur Grewal of Class III Niger
    Aanya Shailen of Class III Niger
    Samaira Arora of Class III Avon,
    Ankita Narang of Class III Avon,
    Arnav Bansal of Class III Avon,
    Hana Goel,of Class III Indus
    Saanvi Bhargava of III Indus,
    Mahika Das of Class III Indus,
    Riddhima, of Class III Rhine
    Arshia, of Class II Amazon
    Jiya Pardal of Class III Amazon,
    Abha Deshpande of Class III Amazon,
    Taania Rishi of Class III Mississippi,
    Vivaan Singh of Class III  Mackenzie
    Kaushik Bhattacharya of Class III Mackenzie and
    Pranet Kumar of Class III Kaveri

    Abhyuday Gupta of Class IV Victoria,
     Divyaansh Arora, of Class IV Angel,
    Faraz Ahmad of Class IV Angel,
     Aarjav Das, of Class IV Pangong,
    Sarah Fatima,of Class IV Pangong,
    Hardik Gupta of Class IV Pangong ,
    Shorya Rizi of Class IV Pangong ,
    Aditi Harashvardhan Chitale of Class IV Superior,
    Gurjot Singh of Class IV Superior,
    Siddhant Nandi of Class IV Ontario,
    Shyla Nanda of Class IV Ontario ,
    Vansh Jaipuria of Class IV Monge,
    Kush Awana of Class IV Mansarovar,
    Pratishtha Bhutani of Class IV Mansarovar,
    Savy Gujral of Class IV Mansarovar,
    Lakshaya Kharbanda of Class IV Mansarovar  ,
    Sahana Radhakrishnan of Class IV Pushkar,
    Fuhaar Jain of Class IV Pushkar,
    Vaanya of Class IV Pushkar,
    Vedaang Gaur of Class IV Pushkar,
    Ranya Khanna of Class IV Niagara and
    Zainab Zubair Ahmad of Class IV Vostok .

    Aanvi Jain of Class V Caribbean
    Swagnik Mandal of Class V Atlantic
    Krish Gupta of Class V Atlantic
    Aatheerva Saha of Class V Norwegian
    Aashi Seth of Class V Solomon
    Ryaansh Singh of Class V Antarctic
    Twinkle Chaurasia of Class V Adriatic
    Ashman Wadhawan of Class V Baltic
    Kountik De of Class V Solomon
    Sraavya Paul of Class V Arctic
    Aaryan Pandit of Class V Atlantic
    Lavanya Gupta of Class V Arabian
    Kritika Pandey of Class V Arctic
    Tarang Kaushik of Class V Pacific
    Bhumika Singh of Class V Solomon
    Ria Saxena of Class V Caspian
    Parsva Pratim Jain of Class V Caspian

Our students did us proud by winning accolades in the following competitions:
•    Agrata Sharma (III Avon) was adjudged the Best Dribbler and Aryan Gupta(III Volga) was adjudged the Best Shooter by Khaitan School Academy in the Basketball tournament.
•    Gauri Khanna (IV Pangong) got a certificate of appreciation in the 12th A.C.Deb Memorial Inter-School Art Competition held on 8th May2015.
•    Agastya Garg (III Volga) bagged the 1st position in Under-12 Tennis Tournament held at Eldeco Utopia,Sec-93,Noida.
•    Divija Phuloria (IV Superior) bagged the best entry in CBSE Expression Series held on 10-11 July 2015.
•    Krishang Bhargava (III Avon) received a trophy and a Certificate of Merit in the 10th UCMAS Delhi State level Abacus Competition 2015.
•    In the Roller Skating Championship 2015 hosted by Sarla Chopra DAV Public School on 2nd May our skaters won in the following categories :
Mahak Agarwal (IV Wular ) won the 3rd prize in Rink Race 2 in the age group of 8-10 years.
Pranat Gupta (III Volga) won the 3rd prize in Rink Race 1 in the age group of 6-8 years.
•    Tiya Sharma ( V Arabian) won 1st prize in declamation competition held at Genesis Global School, Noida which was held on 24th July 2015.
•    Sraavya Paul ( V Arctic),
•     Ananya Manchanda ( V Mediterranean) ,
•    Viraj Singh( V Arctic) ,
•    Prathana Puri (V Baltic),
•    Lakshya Kharbanda (IV Mansarovar) and
•     Aarjav Das (IV Pangon)
won the 2nd prize in skit competition held at Genesis Global School, Noida which was held on 24th July 2015.

Our budding swimmers proved their mettle once again when they bagged prizes at the District Swimming Competition held at Faridabad on 4th July2015.
•    Rithwik Sharma (IV Puskar) won the Gold Medal in 25 m breast stroke and back stroke and a Bronze medal in 25m free style swimming.
•    Ishita Singh (IV Niagara) won the Gold Medal in 25 m back stroke and free style and a Silver medal in 25m breast stroke swimming.
•    Aditya Kasal (III Niger) won the Gold Medal in 25 m breast stroke and a Silver medal in 25m free style swimming.

In our endeavour to motivate our students for a holistic growth and mould them into exemplary denizens we began by giving out Star Badges to one student of each section of Classes III, IV and V. The proud recipients of the first Star Badge for the month of July are as follows:
o    Ishan Garg ( III Mississippi)
o    Shivansh Agarwal ( III Volga)
o    Gaurang Sharma ( III Nile)
o    Vanni Mehta (III Mackenzie)
o    Ananya Mukherjee ( III Kaveri)
o    Hana Goel (III Indus)
o    Harsleen Kaur (III Amazon)
o    Yashas Jain ( III Niger)
o    Nehal Saini ( III Bhramaputra)
o    Samaira Arora (III Avon)
o    Sharanya Upadhyaya ( III Ganges)
o    Zaahra ( III Rhine)
•    Aditi Chitale (IV Superior)
•    Riya Jethmalani (IV Angel)
•    Manya Mittal (IV Monge)
•    Gaurang Srivastava (IV Pushkar)
•    Hitarth Singh (IV Pangong)
•    Diveja Choudhary (IV Vostok)
•    Ramit Tyagi (IV Michigan)
•    Archita Gupta (IV Ontario)
•    Prajyusha Rath (IV Niagara)
•    Srija Sneha (IV  Victoria)
•    Keertika.V.Kumar (IV Wular)
•     Pratishtha Bhutani (IV Mansarovar)

    Ryaansh Singh ( V Antarctic)
    Ashima Alhawat ( V Adriatic)
    Ria Saxena ( V Caspian)
    Prisha Panjwani ( V Arabian)
    Vanshika Kakkar ( V Atlantic)
    Malcolm Bajaj ( V Solomon)
    Vaibhav Handoo ( V Mediterranean)
    Sraavya Paul ( Arctic)
    Shaurya Suri ( V Baltic)
    Devanshi Anand ( V Caribbean)
    Shlok Sangarpal ( V Norwegian)
    Anshita Mittal ( V Pacific)