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English and Hindi Week Class II

Language is the mirror of the soul, a reflection of life into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.
The English and Hindi Week, organized by Lotus Valley International School from 20th July to 24th July, 2015 was an endeavour to foster ingenuity and to in still a love for both the languages. The five day extravaganza was a remarkable journey into the world of fantasy and adventure giving wings to dreams and expression to individuality. A variety of activities and competitions were organized to explore the various nuances of the languages and to hone the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of the children. What followed was the myriad challenging and fun filled activities that gave way to new and multifarious vistas of learning.
On the first day, ‘Nouns’ were revised through the energetic group activity called the ‘Name Game’. On the same day, ‘Listen and Draw’ activity was conducted that gauged the student’s creativity and concentration. A passage was read out to the students and they drew what they were hearing. Through this activity the vocabulary, retaining power and the creativity of the students was enhanced.
On the second day, ‘What’s The Good Word’ competition was held. It was a complete package of thrills with the word web and the spellathon.
On the third day the students were transported to the world of fantasy in the story telling session ‘Once Upon A Time’ by our ingenious story teller, Mrs. Anuradha Mothali. Children enjoyed the story time beyond words .This encouraged love for reading in the students, enhanced their vocabulary, stimulated their imagination and enabled social interaction with other children.
On the fourth day, the students participated in the group activities ‘Word Bank’ and ‘Riddles’ that spoke volumes about team work.
The phenomena that ‘laughing is the best medicine’ has been tested time and again only to come victorious. Therefore the week of excitement ended with the ‘ Hasya Kavita’ competition. The students and the teachers laughed till their stomachs hurt.
The English and Hindi week strengthened the bond between the parent, students and the teachers which transformed this event into a grand affair.