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Class II Special Assembly on Eid

The special assembly on account of Eid on 16th July, 2015 was a splendid event, hosted by the students of Classes II Godwin Austin and Bruce. The secular nature of India was aptly brought to the fore by the comperes with the words ‘Eeshwar Allah Tero Naam’ as well as the short but informative skit on  Eid celebrations which spoke about the essence of the festival-self control and sacrifice.
 The news or the ‘khabrein’ too had a lot of Urdu words which added charm to the theme. The highlight was the dance in which the students in white attires swayed in unison to soulful Sufi songs. Finally , the school Principal, Mrs. Madhu Chandra and Classes I and II In-charge, Mrs. Mona Kalra appreciated the efforts of the teachers, students and parents in making LVIS move ahead with great teamwork. The complete assembly left the audience and the participants with a smile on their face and heart full of love.