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Inter-house Indian Music Competition-'Swaranjali'

DAY AND DATE: Friday, 8th May, 2015
VENUE: Badminton Court, C Block
‘Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.’-Jimi Hendrix
A musical kaleidoscope – ‘ Swaranjali’ an Inter house Indian Music Competition for Classes VI to VIII was held in the school on 8th May, 2015. All the four Houses participated in the 3 categories of the competition.
1.    Solo song ( 1 participant per House)
2.    Duet ( 2 participants per House)
3.    Group song ( 6-10 participants per house)
The participants gave outstanding performances and mesmerised the audience with their songs. The results of the various categories are as follows:
1.    Solo song :
(1)    First position: Ishaan Khurana ( Alexandria House)
(2)    Second position: Arya Prabhakar ( Takshila House)
(3)    Third position: Khushi Malik ( Pisa House)
2.    Duet song:
(1)    First position: Sarah Kapoor and Ronak Raj Kohli (Takshila House)
(2)    Second position: Tarika Sodhi and Ashni Bansal (Nalanda House)
(3)    Third position: Prisha and Vrinda( Pisa House)
3.    Group song:
(1)    First position: Alexandria House
(2)    Second position: Pisa House
(3)    Third position: Takshila House
‘Where words leave off, music begins-Heinrich Heine.’   
Soham played the Key Board extremely well and Mr. Tamal and Ms. Uma ( Music teachers) helped in making the event a success. Encouraging words were spoken by the Vice-Principal Ms. Indu Yadav at the end. She told the students that if one does not give his/her 100% to any work he/she has to face disappointment and frustration. She also stressed on the fact that music needs to be felt from the heart. It was an enthralling experience for one and all.