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Monthly Activities-April & May 2015 Nursery

1. Puppet Show – A puppet show was organized to welcome and settle down the new children. It was based on the short stories to inculcate moral values in children. This puppet show also helped in enhancing the concentration, listening skills and vocabulary. The children enjoyed the show very much.
2.Treasure Hunt – An activity of treasure hunt was organized by the teachers to introduce the pre-math concept of ‘Big and Small’. Children found out different big and small objects during the activity which were hidden in the class room. Children were enthusiastic while doing this activity and tried their best to find all the objects. This activity enhanced the thinking skills, gross motor skills and observation in a fun way. 
3.Earth Day – Earth Day celebrates our amazing planet Earth. To make the children aware of the importance of keeping it healthy and clean, some talks and activities were organized. Children were told about the importance of water, plants and energy and were encouraged to save and conserve them. They did cotton dabbing on the outline of the Earth with blue and green color, which they enjoyed thoroughly. 
4.Colour-yellow – Yellow colour was introduced to the children through visual presentation of related objects like yellow shirts, sun, yellow tiffin etc. Children could touch and feel the various objects which helped to develop their visual and tactile sense.
5.Summer Season – The children welcomed and rejoiced in the summer season through sponge dabbing on a mango in their art files.They also enjoyed the season with the splash pool activity.
6. Myself – The concept of myself was reinforced through the fun activity of hand printing. Children painted their right palms and made the impression of the same on the chart paper.
7.Experiment (Wet and Dry)–The concept of wet and dry was introduced with the help of an experiment. Children brought handkerchiefs from home and washed / dried them in the sun. They learnt to differentiate between wet and dry objects.
8. Circle Shape – The concept of circle shape was explained to the children through an activity where children created a lollipop and a smiling flower with the circle cutouts.
9. School Tour – A guided school tour was conducted where in children were introduced to the school surroundings. They were shown various activities being conducted in the activity rooms e.g. music, dance, art and craft. They were acquainted with the atrium area, reception, medical room, stationary and uniform shops etc.
10. Show and Tell Competition – A show and tell competition was organized to build up their confidence. The children delivered a prepared talk on a circle shaped object which they had brought from home. They were judged on the basis of the content of the talk and the confidence level.
11.Family Tree – The importance of a family was explained to the children through talks and discussions. An activity was conducted in which children did finger printing on the outline of a tree and stuck pictures of their family members in order to create a family tree which were displayed in the classroom.