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Pre-nursery april-may writeup and pics

Red Day
Red Day was celebrated on Thursday, 9th April. Children came dressed in red colour clothes and also brought a red colour flower with them. To be able to identify the colour red, children were involved in art and craft activities like palm printing, free hand colouring with red cryon, sponge dabbing with red paint, group activity-pasting red apples on a tree etc. The children enjoyed all the activities and are now able to recognize the red colour.

Circle Day
Circle Day was celebrated on Wednesday, 15th April. In order to enhance the identification of circle shaped children were shown different circle shaped objects such as bangles, CDs, smilies, tyres of car etc. Children were asked to bring circle shaped food in their snack box. Various activities like colouring, paper tearing and pasting, circle shaped lollypop etc. were done in the class to enable the children to recognize the shape. The students participated in all the activities with full enthusiasm and are now able to identify the circle shape.

Family Tree and Photo frame
To make children understand the importance of a family, its members and their relationships an activity of family tree was conducted in the class. Children did finger printing on a tree and pasted photographs of family members.
They also decorated a photo frame and pasted their family pictures on it. This frame was taken home by the children as a take away activity. Children understood the significance of each family member and learned to value the importance of living together.

Summer Walk
In order to make them familiar with the summer season, children were taken out for a summer walk. They were asked to bring goggles and hat from home. Teacher told them about the precautions to be taken during summer season.

Lemonade Day
In order to teach the children how to keep their body cool during the summer season ‘Lemonade Day’ was organized on Tuesday, 5th May. It was  hands on activity in which all the children participated with great enthusiasm. Children squeezed the lemons, added sugar and stirred all the ingredients in the water filled jug. Students were served this refreshing drink and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mother’s Day
Mother is the first teacher of a child. As a token of love and affection, the children made flowers for their mother.