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First Assembly of the Session 2015-16

Date: 7th April 2015

Venue: Badminton Court, C-Block

In the first assembly of the session, the Headmistress Mrs. Indu Yadav, motivated the students of the middle wing encouraging them to make the best out of the upcoming academic year. She asked the students to reflect upon the year gone by, improve upon their weaknesses and build upon their strengths. She also spoke about the 3 P’s of being a successful student-Positive, Proactive and Persistent. In her interaction, Mrs. Yadav also spoke about the moral values such as discipline, honesty, integrity, empathy etc... that the children should imbibe and put to practice in their daily lives. She introduced the concept of ‘Value of the Month’ and suggested that every month, the students will be observed keeping in mind a certain value and the children exhibiting an exemplary behaviour and practicing that value with utmost sincerity, will be acknowledged during the assemblies. The value of the months-April and May is “Compassion”.

After a brief interaction with the students, Mrs Yadav moved on to acknowledging the proud achievers of the International Maths Olympiad conducted on 8th February 2015. The following students received the medals for their excellence in the exam:

Class VI

1. Aastha Gupta         Gold

2. Avani Garg            Silver

3. Anant Gupta           Bronze

Class VII 

1. Lavya Dhawan        Gold

2. Additya Singhal      Silver

3. Utkarsh Arora         Bronze

*Shubh Prakash of class 7 received the “Zonal Excellence Award” for his outstanding performance in the Olympiad.


In another event; ‘The Delhi Horse Show’, conducted by The Army Polo and Riding Club on the 29th of March, 2015, Vansh Gupta of class VI Phoenix, won the Silver Medal at the National Level. 

The first assembly of the new academic session ended with Mrs Yadav introducing the new faculty members of the middle wing to the students, who welcomed them with open hearts and beautiful smiles.