An engaging experiential learning driven course that enhanced STEM competency as well as 21st century skills of critical thinking and problem solving

Public Speaking and Theatre

Inculcating the strategic 21st century skills of communication and collaboration through self-exploration with drama

Model United Nations

Enhancing research based learning, presentation and debating through socio-political discussions

Entrepreneurship and Global Citizenship

Facilitating the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation through business modelling, MVP building and serving global customers through tech

Music Production

Ear training, Composition, Recording, editing and mixing


Decorative and colourful writing/ lettering using pen, brush, marker etc.

Flower Making and Arrangements

Students will learn the essentials of flower anatomy and diversity. Principles will be applied to basic floral designs.

Literary Club

The Literary club will help the students to improve their oratory skills. They will have storytelling and book review sessions

Best Out of Waste

It will create awareness among the students about the importance of 3Rs, to recycle waste. They will also learn various DIY techniques and create things based on reusing waste material.


It is a creative activity that students from any discipline can engage in. It helps to build computational thinking, develop problem solving skills, improve critical thinking and exposure to real life situations to solve problems in various realms

Eco Club

Field trips and other environment related activities, to raise awareness and sensitivity towards the environment


The art of creating beauty within the home through non- fire cooking, stitching etc.

Puppetry and Storytelling Club

This club imbibes elements of all art forms such as literature, art and craft, music, drama etc. and enable students to develop their creative abilites

Lotus Valley International School, Noida
Lotus Valley International School, Noida